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🌈 Introducing $NEON - Illuminate Your Crypto Journey! 🌈

🔥 The Mission:
$NEON is here to revolutionize the industry, shifting the focus from money-hungry influencers to the optimistic and selfless individuals who believe in spreading positivity. We're not just another token; we're a movement dedicated to bringing utility and value to our vibrant community.

💎 Unique Approach:
Unlike many token launches, $NEON has zero token allocation to founders. That's right, the founders themselves bought into the pre-sale alongside fellow investors. This level of transparency and commitment truly sets us apart.

🔥 Deflationary Mechanics:
Hold tight, because $NEON rewards you for your loyalty! With a 1% burn tax on every token sale, the token supply decreases over time, naturally driving up its value. But wait, there's more! We've implemented a cutting-edge 5% burn tax for MEV BOTS, ensuring a resilient defense against any sandwich attack. Our smart contract is smart indeed!

We believe in rewarding our dedicated holders, and that's why we've introduced the innovative BURN 2 EARN mechanic. As you contribute to the token burn, you'll earn exciting incentives along the way. More information to come!

🚀 Join the Neon Apes Community:
$NEON isn't just a token; it's a thriving ecosystem of like-minded individuals, ready to make a positive impact.

🌐 Find Us:


Telegram: Join Telegram

Twitter: NeonApesYC

70% of presale funds being used as liquidity.

Remaining funds are set aside in ETH, not tokens, to allow for development, marketing, CEX listings and team payment.

65% = Presale

35% = Liquidity Pool

This will allow the team to afford future development and growth without needing to offload, Tokens, negatively impacting $NEON market price.